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Israeli Network Electrification Project

Sissach, Switzerland, June 2019 – For the Israeli Network Electrification Project, Rauscher & Stoecklin will provide approx. 400 load-break switches. The customer SEMI was awarded by ISR, the railway administrator in Israel, with the electrification of the whole rail net of the country.

Successful FAT of 420kV disconnectors for Slovakia

Plzeň, Czech Republic, June 2019 – The company SERW successfully passed a Factory Acceptance Test, short FAT, of 420 kV disconnectors for the project Podunajské Biskupice in Slovakia. A total of 48 disconnectors and earthing switches were delivered to the end user SEPS, the main Slovakian TSO.

Transformers for Yas Bay Arena in Abu Dhabi

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, June 2019 – For the currently still under construction standing project «Yas Bay Arena» in Abu Dhabi, Tesar Gulf will deliver 8 cast resin transformers. The arena is designed to host sports, corporate, and cultural events and promises a low-energy consumption approach.

Switch control systems for high-performance grid wind tunnel

Sissach, Switzerland, May 2019 – Rauscher & Stoecklin delivered multiple switch control systems to the end-customer University of the Armed Forces in Munich, Germany. The university has many wind tunnels in different institutions designed for the study of ballistics and aerodynamics. Crucial for their research, those wind channels are used by teams all over the world.

Qatar’s new national museum “Desert Rose”

Subbiano Arezzo, Italy, May 2019 – This year, the new national museum of Qatar, so called “Desert Rose”, opened its doors. Tesar is proud to have delivered a total of 11 transformers to the beautifully designed building. The museum has been created by French architect Jean Nouvel, the same architect who worked on Abu Dhabi’s “The Louvre” museum, where Tesar also provided some transformers.

Adapted disconnectors for higher terminal load for Thüringer Energienetze GmbH

Plzeň, Czech Republic, May 2019 – For the substation Remptendorf in Thüringen, SERW will deliver multiple high voltage disconnectors. The offered design and technical parameters comply with the technical requirements of the customer Thüringer Energienetze GmbH, short TEN, where higher terminal load is required (2000 N instead of 1000 N).

New Automotive Project for Ferrari

Subbiano Arezzo, Italy, May 2019 – In March, Tesar has been awarded a contract for the supply of more than 20 cast resin transformers, which will energize the new Technical Building of Ferrari. The Italian sportscar and formula-1-car producer was founded in 1947 by former racing driver Enzo Ferrari and has its headquarters in Maranello in Italy, where the new Technical Building will be built.

Rauscher & Stoecklin researches the implementation of digitalization in the distribution transformer business

Sissach, Switzerland, May 2019 – A transformer that shares its operating data with the IoT (Internet of Things) gives new opportunities to control, alert and design the power grid. In the master thesis of Rauscher & Stoecklin’s sales manager Daniel Beutler, this is exactly what is being investigated.

Cooperation with Lodz University of Technology

Łódź, Poland, May 2019 – Representatives of ZREW took part in the Employers' Forum at Lodz University of Technology, one of the biggest technical universities in Poland with more than 16.000 students. For ZREW Transformatory, this is one of many activities that have been part of a long-term cooperation with the Lodz University of Technology.

Delivery of EHV disconnectors and earthing switches for E.DIS Netz GmbH, Germany

Plzeň, Czech Republic, May 2019 – The company SERW will deliver 123 kV disconnectors and earthing switches to E.DIS Netz GmbH, a grid operator in the region Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Brandenburg. With an over 80.000 km long grid, the company serves many people in the North-East of Germany. The grid is connected with renewable energy plants with a total rated output of around 9.000 MV.

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